Welcome to “Heraklion, Cretan Gastronomy Days 2019” A visit to Heraklion is a unique experience for every traveler as : here, the first European civilization, knowing as the “Minoan” was born. You can witness, spread around both the city and the countryside, remains of all the great civilizations that came through Crete ( Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Arrabic, Venetian, Ottoman – Turkish). Here in a VIVID city “you will have a great time” by having fun, shopping and tasting the Cretan products cooked in a traditional way or by creative chefs, and furthermore, in “Heraklion, Cretan Gastronomy Days 2019” you can taste and buy Cretan product products in the area of the “old Lachanagora” of Heraklion, while listening and dancing to the rythms of the Cretan lyre.

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